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Custom Maps

Here are all the old school Natural Selection maps from version 1.04. I'm still hosting these for no reason, but one of the things I hate most about NS 2.0 is the lack of custom maps. I know there are a few old school NS servers out there so here are all of the awesome custom maps.

ns_genesis_v1 - Map created by our very own clan leader [SoM]InFlames! (Final release 4/13/03)
ns_speedball - Map made by clan mate [SoM]Coroner. Small linear deathmatch style map. (Final release 5/28/03)
ns_2fort - return to good old TFC
ns_4corners - a nice small map
ns_castlewars - very spacious outdoors map
ns_europa - one of the first custom maps made for ns
ns_hall - riddled with hallways, man made and alien made
ns_kamikaze - large hallways and high ceilings
ns_lava - A fortress surrounded by lava and catwalks
ns_lost - lost yet?
ns_marsoutpost - a linear deathmatch style map
ns_massmurder - narrow hallways with courtyard dividing the map
ns_missilecommand_final3 - They're dropping down from above!
ns_napo - Cool map.
ns_ninja_fall - A Missile Command style map, however this one is alien domination.
ns_nomblizkikko4 - This map looks like fun. It has a number player activated triggers. (new version 4/21/03)
ns_pillbox_final - final release of one of the best deathmatch maps for ns
ns_siege005 - siege, what more can you say!
ns_siege006 - newest version of siege (6/23/03)
ns_silo - Kamikaze gets a major upgrade and a new name (new release)
ns_square - new map, not played that often
ns_square_spaceplatform - A wild and crazy low gravity map. It reminds me of Quake 3 Arena.
ns_vint004 - The latest map in the siege style

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